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The video that kickstarted it all.

"A far more compelling visual experience than any headset on the market today."


At CES, SXSW and Beyond

Glyph Timeline

The evolution of a revolutionary technology

Final product to be released 2015

✓ Idea: Retinal Projection
✓ Technology: Virtual Retinal Display
✓ Prototype
✓ Beta
Product Development
Engineering Validation Testing
Design Validation Testing
Production Validation Testing
Mass Production
1 - Kickstarter Backer Shipping
Pre-Order Customer Shipping
3 - Retail Store Shelves
2016 and beyond


The components and features that create an unmatched audio and visual experience.

What comes with a preorder?

Avegant is currently in the process of refining their Glyph Alpha prototype into the consumer version conceptually rendered above. Those who pre-order a Glyph will get a lightweight, ergonomic device tuned for consumer use and with both support and a warranty. It'll be identical to the consumer device on store shelves — only delivered far before we start fulfilling those orders. Be the first in your community to start your Glyph story.

  • General

    • Featherweight, 16 oz
    • Battery Life: 3 hours video, 48 hours audio runtime
  • Connections

    • Video: Single HDMI connection
    • Power: microUSB
    • Audio: Bluetooth or 3.5 mm TRRS jack (stereo-plus-mic)
  • Optics & Sensors

    • Headtracking: 6 DOF IMU output
    • No glasses required
    • IPD Adjustment: 52-75 mm
    • Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6
  • Display

    • Micromirror Array
    • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
    • 1,843,200 pixels
    • WXGA (1280 x 720) per eye resolution
    • 45° diagonal field of view
    • Contrast Ratio: >1000:1
  • Audio

    • Noise Canceling: Active and Passive
    • Sound Output Mode: Premium Stereo
    • Frequency Response: 20 - 20000 Hz
    • Dynamic Range: 115 dB
    • Microphone: Built-in
    • Connectivity: Wired over HDMI or TRRS audio cable
  • Power

    • Power/recharge via microUSB cable


  • The Commuter

    Using the Glyph from the commuter's perspective.

"It's quite amazing to realize that you aren’t staring at a screen, and that the projected image is reflecting off the back of your retina. Since it projects into each eye independently, you can view images and video in full 3-D." – Editor's Choice Award at CES

"The picture I see already looks beautiful: high-res, colorful, and accurate, with none of the screen-door effect or pixilation of a device like the Rift."

"...the company's latest reveal has us throwing balls of cash at the screen."


" eyes weren't strained and I actually could let my pupils comfortably wander and focus on different parts of the image"


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Updates, developments, and media about the Glyph.

  • mwc See Avegant and Joerg Tewes Speak at Mobile World Congress - Mobile World Congress is next week in Barcelona and Avegant will be there showing off the latest Glyph technology. Here’s a glimpse into our involvement: Avegant CEO Joerg Tewes will be giving a keynote as part of the Innovation at the Edge of Real and Virtual session on Thursday March 5 starting at 9:30am in Hall […]
  • booth Avegant at CES, 2015 - Today, CES is a week away. We’ve been working hard in preparation. Here’s where you can find us and what we’ll be showing off. Avegant’s public booth will be at the Sands Convention Center in slot 74547. Find the official CES filing here. We’ll be showing off our NEW product design at the CES booth […]
  • Bb-FOEwCMAAryPu Avegant Secures $9.37M in Venture Funding - We’re pleased to announce this month that Avegant has closed a round of venture funding to help push us past our development and shipping milestones. The full extended Series A round closed a few weeks ago. It was led by Intel Captial and NHN Investment, with groups ranging from Kaiwu Capital and even Snoop Dogg […]

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