Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.


Are the ear cups circumaural?


Everyone gets the noise cancelling feature right?

Yes, noise cancelling will be a feature in all Glyph purchases for beta purchasers.

How does Glyph compare in audio quality to high-end headsets already out there?

The audio quality is outstanding. We spent a long time studying and perfecting our audio signature to create a sound profile that’s just as good as the video quality. At that premium point everyone has a preference, so it’s hard to compare to Bose or Beats. But it is GOOD.

What will the ear cup materials be made of?

Leather… they’ll be comfy.

Beta Details

Can you give an estimate for how long the Beta will last? I don’t want to buy this and then have the retail ready version come out six months later that is full of superior features.

The Beta will be the only product for the foreseeable future, and we’re incentivizing people to get on board by offering it at the price of $499.

This is a beta product that we are pre-ordering? What’s the retail price of the unit and what features will it have that this beta version won’t?

Yes, this is a Beta. We haven’t set up distribution or retail profiles yet, it’s still early in our product lifecycle. But we’re also giving our backers an extremely well developed Beta — one that should already work fluidly with your content.


Controls – Will there be any sound and picture adjustment options?

There will be basic video adjustments as well some audio controls for the active noise cancellation.

Does the HDMI cable disconnect from Glyph?

The HDMI cable will disconnect from the Gyph so users can use the cord of their choice.

How long will the included HDMI cable be?

Cable length is not about cost, it is about noise and weight. Long cables can often feel heavier and have to be thicker for shielding. We are exploring the best “included” cord for the use cases we expect – anyone can obviously use their own cords as well.

What sort of cables will I need?

The beta headset will have one HDMI cable that will plug into any HDMI source. An adapter will be included to go to a micro-HDMI connection.

Wireless – Any plans to make them WiDi-capable?

We are currently not including wireless video because the power draw is high and there is not a set standard yet.


Are the $500K colors body, accent or both?

They are body. Accent is much harder (and more expensive) from a manufacturing perspective.

Are the three extra colors for everyone or just for the Special Edition backers?

The three extra body colors are for everybody.

For the standard black, white and blue beta versions, what color are the LED ring and HDMI cables?

The standard LED ring is blue, HDMI cable is black.

When and how will the Special Edition backers give info regarding colors of their order(s)?

Avegant will send a survey to all Special Edition backers after the end of this project and before we deliver the reward to you.


Does Glyph support stereoscopy?

Yes. Glyph supports all of the HDMI 1.4 standards for 3D video.

Does this technology work with virtual reality?

Yes. The high resolution, lack of screen-door effect and low latency of our technology makes it great for virtual reality.

Will there be headtracking for gaming and immersive reality?

Yes. Headtracking will work via Bluetooth 4.0


Can you make the field of view bigger?

Yes. We promise to look into developing it. But right now we want to focus on bringing a broad spectrum of already-existing content to the broad user base, and we don’t want to constrain the image. Support us in our efforts now and you’ll see the fruit of our development down the road.

Is chromatic aberration noticeable?

There is no chromatic aberration visible, no screen door and no pixilation. The micromirror array creates a very sharp image. The image is beautiful, better than any other display I’ve ever seen, head-mounted or not.

Is the text crisp?

Absolutely. Super crisp, unlike any other HMD I’ve ever seen. I use it on my phone for messaging and email. And by messaging and email, I mean Reddit.

Isn’t a micromirror array the same thing as a DLP?

Yes. We’re working with Texas Instruments utilizing brand new, unreleased, cutting-edge micromirror technology.

On normal displays you often have dead pixels. Is there a chance of broken mirrors here?

Micromirrors are extremely reliable and usually outlast the rest of the electronics without any dead pixels. We do not expect any dead pixels with this product. That being said, there is the possibility that it could happen on some of the early chipsets before they have been tested for several years. We will not ship a product with any dead pixels, and we will quickly address any units that have pixel failures for our early backers.

What is the field of view?

Looking into the device, you’ll see an image that looks like an 80 inch screen 8 feet away from you. That translates to about a 45 degree field of view.

What is the resolution for Glyph Beta?

1280×720 per eye. Several media outlets previously misprinted it as 1280×768. Our last engineering prototypes were 1280×800.


How long can Glyph be worn?

The reflected light produced from Glyph is very comfortable and natural feeling. Many users who experience eye strain or nausea in looking at a conventional display feel no similar effect using this technology.

Is it safe?

Yes. The light source is simply a low powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) – something like you would see at the end of a keychain light. The micromirror array and optics together create the unique image.

What is a Virtual Retinal Display?

A Virtual Retinal Display uses a micromirror array and a combination of optics to reflect an image directly onto your retina, effectively using the back of your eyeball as a screen. The resulting picture is extremely sharp and vivid, unlike anything a conventional display can produce. In particular, the 3D images are exceptionally clear.

What sort of content works with Glyph?

Glyph is made to be media agnostic, meaning that it can plug into any HDMI source and display any current content natively. This means sources from an XBox to a Playstation to a MacBook to an iPhone to an Android device may be used while content from Blu-ray DVDs to video games to streaming movies can be watched.

Why pre-order?

Our early adopters are really important to us, so we added the following incentives to pre-order:
- Receive your Glyph Beta before it’s in stores
- Identical experience to upcoming alpha model
- No charge until we deliver
- Receive updates by email

Will there be headtracking for gaming or immersive reality?

Yes. We have already tested the current prototypes with headtracking and assorted console games. They work great!


Case – What kind of case will be included?

At $750K we’ll include a basic semi-rigid fabric protective case with all shipped Glyphs (excluding the $999 version with a customized case). We are still exploring different ways to package and carry Glyph. We will provide a method for carrying it around, but we want to be sure we know how it breaks before we make anything so that the packaging we provide protects it from failure. More importantly, we plan on making Glyph itself very robust.

Fit – Is there a way to provide a more secure fit when the screen is down?

The redesigned Beta is going to be optimized for fit and comfort. For most, we hope that means a head strap won’t be needed, but it may be an option as we get closer to a final fit. What the folks at CNET were testing was our Alpha, which hasn’t been optimized yet. Frankly this is part of the reason that we’re raising funds on Kickstarter. We’ve got the science down, we just need to take the money from this effort to make sure that the fit is perfect.

Manufacturing – Where will Glyph be made?

We have several manufacturing options lined up, both domestic and overseas.

Optics – How will the optics be protected when using Glyph as headphones?

There will be a cover to protect the eye pieces.

Patent – How well are you protected by patent?

We have strong patent protection.

Shipping – Do Special Edition beta units get priority when it comes to delivery? Or is it a first come first serve deal?

Deliveries for the special edition and the regular Glyphs will be in the same time frame.

Shipping – How will you ship Glyph internationally?

We are verifying delivery over the next month and will probably work with Amazon to distribute internationally. We will be sure we have distribution coverage for countries that Amazon does not service also.

Shipping – When do you expect to ship?

First quarter, 2015.

Warranty – Will there be any kind of warranty if something is defective or breaks?

Our early backers are incredibly important to us and we don’t want to provide a poor experience. We have not decided on an official warranty policy yet, but we will be very supportive and you can expect us to service or replace any faulty hardware.

Optical Experience

How does Glyph work with glasses?

You’ll be able to adjust the diopters in Glyph to accommodate a wide variety of prescriptions and pupillary distances. In short: you won’t need your glasses. Note: at this point we cannot account for astigmatic eyesight.

Is wearing contacts while using Glyph bad for your eyesight?

Nope, contacts are fine.

What is the expected diopter correction range? Does Glyph work for those who have myopia?

Yes, Glyph has a diopter that you can adjust from +2 to -6 to accommodate a range of prescriptions.


Have you thought about having replaceable batteries or a charger to take on the road with extra battery power?

Extended life batteries will add a significant volume of weight to Glyph, which will in turn negatively impact the comfort. Interchangeable batteries may be an option, depending on the size and form factor, but we have to see what the design calls for. If it’s a custom battery design then it’ll be hard to manufacture in volume. If we can figure out an efficient way to extend battery life we’ll let you know.

How do you charge Glyph?

Glyph will be charged by standard microUSB.

How long does it take to fully recharge the battery?

Recharging Glyph’s battery will be similar to recharging cell phones that use a USB style cable for power. If it’s plugged into the wall it will charge faster than if it’s plugged into a USB port. Recharging from the wall will take less than 3 hours.

Is it possible to use Glyph while charging it? Can Glyph be hooked up to an external power source for longer use?

Yes, you can power Glyph via the microUSB port while you are using it and depending on the source of power (i.e. the wall or newer USB ports) it will recharge the battery while you use it.

What about battery life?

The beta Glyph will have enough battery life to power a full-length feature film, about three hours.